Customer Projects:

VW Golf mk2

1.8T 350ps 6-Speed

Golf MK2 Rallye

2.5L 5-Inline Turbo, 6-Speed Sequental Gearbox, 4MOTION, Wide Body, Race Car

Seat Ibiza 6K1

Passat R36 Engine, 5-Speed Gearbox with limited-slip Differential, Polo 6n2 GTI Dashboard with Airco

Golf MK3 Cabrio R32

Golf MK3 Cabrio 1.8 -> R32

Golf MK2 2.0L 20VT Racer

Golf MK2 GTI -> 2.0L 20VT Racer

VW Golf mk2 G60

R32 Rotrex Compressor 4Motion

VW Golf mk2 Syncro

R20 2.0TFSI DSG 4Motion

DutchBuild Projects:

Seat Leon Cupra 1P

TT-RS Engine, 7-Speed DSG Gearbox, 4Motion

Finished Projects:

VW Golf mk5 GTI - K-Sport

Front: 356mm 6-pod, Rear: 330mm 4-pod

Audi Coupe GT 2,3 20V

Finished Sep. 2008

BMW E30 M3 K-Sport

BMW E30 M3 K-Sport Big brake and suspension

Lotus Elise S2 (SOLD)

24000Km, Lotus Stainless Cup exhaust, leather Package (No Project)

Opel Manta 3.0 24V

Opel Manta 1.8I -> 3.0L 24V

Porsche 964 Carrera 4 (SOLD)

Porsche 964 Carrera 4 (SOLD)

Golf MK2 R32

Golf MK2 1.6 -> R32

PVW Magazine Photoshoot

VW Performance June 2012

Golf MK2 16V 4Motion

Autocross 16V 4Motion

Corrado G60

mk5 R32, 6-Speed Gearbox

Golf MK2 1.8 GTI

Golf 1.3 CL -> 1.8 GTI

Golf MK2 R36 6spd

Golf MK2 GTI G60-> 2.5L ->R36

VW Corrado R32 4MOTION

VW Corrado R32 4MOTION

Polo Sedan 1.3 GT

Polo Sedan GT 1986

VW Golf MK1 2.9L VR6

VW Golf mk1 2.8 > 2.9 VR6


VW Golf VR6 Syncro -> R36 DSG 4Motion

VW Corrado 20VT 4MOTION

VW Corrado 20VT 4MOTION