From making new engine mounts in the chassis (for the new type of engine TFSI R32 R36) to building a complete chassis with 4wd and race ready roll cage. To convert a normal Golf, Jetta, Vento to 4wd 4motion, the tunnel and the rear floor pan also need to be replaced we can also do this for you.

Regarding the engine conversion this can be done in different ways and at different stages.

- Keeping the old / original gearbox is the easiest way to build in a new engine. This is because in most cases the original engine and gearbox mounts can be used.

- When you want to build in a new engine and gearbox it is more difficult to fit in an old car. For most of the new engines TFSI R32 R36 02M DSG we have ready to fit engine and gearbox mounts, but when using a new gearbox 02M in the older Golf or Corrado the shafts an shift mechanism also need to be adapted. It’s also possible to use the DSG gearbox, but is still more complicated and more work.