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From making new engine mounts in the chassis (for the new type of engine TFSI R32 R36) to building a complete chassis with 4wd and race ready roll.

We specialize in Volkswagen 4motion system. Especially the conversion of the old Syncro system to the newer Haldex system is very popular because the earlier Syncro is not strong enough in most cases. We sell 4motion conversion kits and other custom parts in our webshop.

Engine / Technical conversion
Everyone knows that tuning an engine is possible, but what we have found is that there are many people who want to drive here every day and this does not really go together because of the high fuel and maintenance costs, etc. I personally would say why tune a 150 hp engine to 300hp if there exists an original engine with this capability and new technology so you can ride that fast, and economical. Of course there are people who want extreme power for sport or as a wish.

So far we are one of the few companies who build DSG and FSI engines from Volkswagen running on the original computer in the older cars like a Golf or Corrado 1,2,3 etc. We adapt the wiring and make  the ECU immobilizer and fault free. We can also supply and install programmable (KMS) computers.